+ How come? Angela Brennan, 2020. oil on linen. 200.5 x 270cm.

Like, tomorrow

Like, Tomorrow | Angela Brennan

During all the Melbourne lockdowns I’ve been in East Brunswick where I live. My studio is at home. I have painted for a solo show and a few group exhibitions. Some planned things have been cancelled or gone ahead with restrictions. I was lucky that I got to have my show Like, tomorrow in March 2021 at Niagara Galleries, Melbourne, when for a rare moment things were relatively open. It’s been very difficult on and off, mainly because I can’t leave Melbourne, and I like to go places.

My approach to making work during the pandemic has been is as it ever was. My studio is a sealed off world that could operate anywhere but at the same time I need the sense of life continuing outside of it and for the last year and a half this has not been happening. In the most recent lockdown I have been attending to my archive, going through old files/images/slides/roomsheets/other artists’ shows/ catalogues/magazines etc., finding lots of blasts from the past. Actually, I came across an edition of Art and Australia that had my painting, Freedom and Necessity (1995) on the cover. I’m thinking of doing something with my archive but not sure what yet.

Over this period I have been making abstract paintings and some of these tilt towards landscape—kind of idealised imaginary places. For me, a utopian space is the flip side of a ‘pandemic-experience’.


 + Untitled Angela Brennan, 1991. oil on canvas. 183 x 152cm.

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