Ouroboros | Lindy Lee

I feel extremely lucky that the attendant restrictions did not impact too much upon my Museum of Contemporary Art show. It still managed to stay open, although in a limited fashion. I’m very grateful for that. Many other artists had shows postponed or canceled, which is devastating. All things considered, the lockdowns have actually been quite a positive experience for me. It’s been enjoyable to spend more time in the studio at home, in the Northern Rivers of New South Wales. The landscape around where I live is very inspiring for my practice, so in a way I have used this time to feel re-energised by living quietly in a place of great natural beauty.

 + Artist Lindy Lee with a maquette of Ouroboros Lindy Lee, 2021.

Pre-COVID, I would’ve travelled with my team to China, probably every 6-8 weeks to work on fabrication for various public art projects. However, now we work in the studio and have had to amend certain studio practices to get the same work done, but in Australia, not offshore. The large sculptural work I do is more often than not, larger than my studio space. We’ve had to develop a system of working on half-scale maquettes, which are then digitised and the files are then sent to the various workshops that help fabricate the sculptures.

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