Tides Xiao Lu, 2019.



Dialogues: a selection of pre-recorded presentations by Centre of Visual Art (CoVA) fellows, artists, curators and collaborators addressing the theme of ‘Creating Futures’.

Art + Courage: Conversations With Chinese Australian Artists | Centre of Visual Art

Art + Courage: Conversations with Chinese Australian Artists

In the face of global uncertainties arising from the Covid-19 pandemic and complex, shifting geo-political relationships, what can we learn from artists who actively work across national and cultural boundaries. What does the future look like from their perspective? To what extent can art help us think through complex situations and imagine a better future? How important is courage? This conversation, the first in a series, is with Xiao Lu and will focus on her recent performance work Tides created in Sydney in 2019.

The Economic Status Of The Artist | Centre of Visual Art

The Economic Status of the Artist

This Australian – Canadian dialogue will focus on the future economic status of the artist in Australia. Fluctuating market demand for visual art represents a significant challenge for artists at every stage of their careers, and major disruptions to the arts and cultural sector in 2020 have compounded financial insecurities. Paddy Lamb, the President of CARFAC, the peak artists’ body in Canada and Mimi Crowe, Advocacy Director at the National Association for the Visual Arts, will join Grace McQuilten (RMIT) in an exploration of what we can learn from CARFAC’s experiences of organizing artistic labour and its role in promoting regulatory responses to artists’ remuneration. The discussion also includes two short segments that put a spotlight on artists’ diverse ways of making a living. The artists featured are Julie Shiels and Genevieve Grieves. The Panel will be chaired by Kate MacNeill (University of Melbourne). Both Kate and Grace are CIs on the ARC Linkage Project, Ambitious and Fair: creative labour and best practices for the Australian visual arts sector together with their colleagues: Dr Marnie Badham (RMIT) and Associate Professor Jenny Lye (University of Melbourne).

Many Voices Create | Centre of Visual Art

Many Voices Create

How can Indigenous methodologies be at the heart of art writing? How can personal and political histories Indigenise art criticism to generate a sovereign framework of engagement? How can Indigenous methodologies be at the heart of art writing? How can art writing transform into a practice that acknowledges immaterial epistemologies? What is the role of aural and spoken word? How can systemic forms of colonial repression be dismantled in the publishing arena? How can we write a future art criticism of complicity together? Featuring First Nations arts writers and spoken word performers from Australia and Sámi writers and spoken word performers from Northern Europe, in dialogue about shared and urgent concerns, the webinar discussion focuses on action and agency. By convening a space for knowledge sharing and relation building, the conversation will consider linguistically diverse narratives rooted in country, lands and oceans, of self-determination, storytelling, writing and survival, contestation and listening.

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