Apostrophe Duchamp |

ISBN 978-0-9953925-5-7 
179 pages | Softcover | B&W and colour images 
277mm H x 220mm W 
RRP $45.00 (inc GST) 
October 2018

Editor: Edward Colless 
Authors: Donald Brook, Rex Butler, Edward Colless, A.D.S Donaldson, Monique Fong, Marcus Moore, Tom Picton-Warlow, Terry Smith, Daniel Thomas 

In 1967 and 1968 an exhibition of Marcel Duchamp’s ground-breaking avant-garde art, from the Mary Sisler Collection, toured New Zealand and Australia. The exhibition included some of the most famous of Duchamp’s readymades, such as the Bicycle Wheel and the inverted urinal, Fountain. The exhibition’s arrival in Sydney and Melbourne in 1968 coincided with the visit of the eminent and controversial US art critic Clement Greenberg, who delivered the first Power Lecture at the University of Sydney. In his lecture, Avantgarde Attitudes, Greenberg swiped at Duchamp’s ready-mades for being ‘easy’ art.

The same year the National Gallery of Victoria re-opened on St Kilda Road with The Field, an exhibition of so-called colour field painting. The following year Donald Brook delivered a riposte to Greenberg, and to the critical theory sustaining post-painterly abstraction, in his Power Lecture, Flight from the Object. A battleground had formed. This book charts the dramatic juncture of these competing and combative artistic orientations, and the stakes in what increasingly became, with the emergence of conceptual art and expanded artistic media, a challenge to modernist orthodoxy.


8-27_ Apostrophe | Edward Colless
28-33_ What Matters is That We Are Friends | Tom Picton-Warlow
34-46_ Marcel Duchamp | Monique Fong
48-69_ With All Kinds of Delays: Marcel Duchamp in New Zealand, 1967 | Marcus Moore
71-74_ Cooler | Daniel Thomas
75-113_ Polaroids | Daniel Thomas
114-123_ An Anti-Avant-Garde Attitude: Clement Greenberg in Sydney, 1968 | Terry Smith
124-131_ The 'Style of the Sixties' | Terry Smith
132-141_ Duchamp, 1968 And Opposing Feet | Donald Brook
142-153_ Post-Object Art | Donald Brook
154-167_ Marcel and Felix: An Australian Rendezvous | Rex Butler, A.D.S Donaldson

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