The Art Of Laziness: Contemporary Art And Post-Work Politics |

ISBN 978-0-9924589-0-4
226 pages | Hardcover | B&W
220mm H x 145mm W
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Editors: David Attwood, Francis Russell
Authors: David Attwood, Diana Baker Smith, Andrew Brooks, Eva Bujalka, Rex Butler, Darren Jorgensen, Lisa Radford, Francis Russell, Mladen Stilinovic´, Masato Takasaka, Natalie Thomas, Tim Woodward

While the global financial crisis promised the ruin of neoliberal ideology, the past decade or so has shown the durability and obstinacy of the cultural obsession with entrepreneurial self-development and work. 

This collection of essays reconsiders labour and laziness in order to think through the relationship of art and visual culture to post-work politics. Edited by David Attwood and Francis Russell, The Art of Laziness asserts that laziness can be an artful pursuit and that—because of its artfulness—this pursuit is a type of work. 


5-26_ Introduction | David Attwood, Francis Russell
27-38_ Just What is it that Makes Today's Capitalism So Fast, So Accelerated? Slow Art and Decelerationist Strategy | Francis Russell
39-62_ Myth-making in the Settler Colony: On Laziness, Representation and Refusal | Andrew Brooks
63-80_ Sculptures that Go Home at Night: On Labour, Performance and Re-enactment | Diana Baker Smith
81-98_ Natty Brings Her 'A' Game | Natalie Thomas
99-128_ Like a Rug on Valium: Homer Simpson, Georges Bataille and Excessive Laziness | Eva Bujalka
129-138_ Dole Bludgers, Junkies and Share Houses in Australia, 1972-96 | Darren Jorgensen
139-146_ Four Orders | Tim Woodward
147-166_ The Artist's Practice as Always Already-made: Remaking and Repetition in the Work of Marcel Duchamp, Mutlu Çerkez and Masato Takasaka | Masato Takasaka
167-180_ John Nixon's 'Laziness' | Rex Butler
181-196_ Not Making Public | Lisa Radford
197-216 Hot to Work Better | David Attwood
217-221_ The Praise of Laziness | Mladen Stilinović

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