Minefield |

ISBN 978-0-9953925-0-2
104 pages | Hardcover | B&W images
215mm H x 138mm W
RRP $35.00 (inc GST)
October 2016

Editor: Edward Colless
Authors: Lucy Bleach, Donald Brook, Edward Colless, Justin Clemens, Helen Hughes

In 1973 The Mildura Sculpture Triennial was showcasing new experimental art in Australia, dubbed ‘earthworks’ or ‘site-specific art’. But at dawn on the first day a frontend loader ploughed up and destroyed the most provocative installation in the show—Minefield by controversial Australian artist Tim Burns—in the interests of public safety. By mid-morning all that was left of a work that had occupied around 400 square metres of ground was furrowed scars. 

What had been so dangerous? 

This collection of essays traverses a legendary work of Australian sculpture that was scandalous, formidable yet elusive, indeed feral, and—with almost no evidence of it remaining—damned.


2-15_ Time Burns | Edward Colless
16-31_ Looking South: Tim Burns' Minefield Glimpsed Through Cildo Meireles's Cruzeiro do Sul | Helen Hughes
32-46_ Mein Feld | Justin Clemens
47-58_ Underground | Lucy Bleach
59-83_ Negotiating Tim Burns' Minefields | Donald Brook
84-92_ Resisting Arrest: Edward Colless Tracks Down Tim Burns

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