Art + Australia #54_1: The Plague |

ISSN 0004-301 X
128 pages | Softcover | B&W and colour images 
RRP $19.99 (inc GST) 
October 2017

Editor: Edward Colless
Authors: Edward Colless, Leon Marvell, Ann Debono, Bernhard Sachs, Ashley Crawford, Louis Mason, Simon Pericich, Ben Woodard, Jessica L. Williams, Jake Chapman, Larissa Hjorth, Kathleen M. Cumiskey, Prudence Gibson, Luke Morgan

Plague. It manifests as a pathogenic tsunami that spectacularly consumes the condition or constitution or the very continuance of life. But on the flip side, and perhaps with even more abominably morbid allure, it flourishes as an untimely and unholy mass resurrection. We don’t only need the scenographies of our contemporary zombie apocalyptic to describe such an outbreak. This prospect materialises dramatically when skeletal relics are today unearthed from a medieval plague pit—the grave into which countless virulent corpses had been tossed by survivors desperately attempting to dispose of the contaminant as much as dispose of its victims. This is just the sort of grotesquerie that can be encountered during excavation for the foundations of a contemporary metropolitan corporate skyscraper. Picture this, as it happened several years ago in London’s financial district. When human bone abruptly juts out of the clay floor or wall of a quarry carved into the city grid, an economic seizure capsizes the Platonic geometric volume that we otherwise routinely recognise in the spectacular negative of earthworks footing any construction... —Plague Pit, Edward Colless


4-9_ Plague Pit | Edward Colless
10-17_ Liquid Darkness | Leon Marvell
18-23_ Me or Chaos | Ann Debono
24-33_ Contaminazione | Bernhard Sachs
34-45_ Isle of the Dead | Ashley Crawford
46-51_ The Voice is the Demon | Louis Mason
52-85_ All the things you see now will soon be gone and the things we can't see will last forever | Simon Pericich
86-93_ Fascistic Whimsy: Neoreactionary Sincerity and the Techno-crusade of Smoldering Resentiment | Ben Woodard
94-99_ Apocope in the Suture Zone | Jessica L. Williams
100-101_ Meatphysics | Jake Chapman
102-107_ Mobile Death | Larissa Hjorth, Kathleen M. Cumiskey
108-115_ A Natural Contract: The Plant Plague | Prudence Gibson
115-123_ Nightfall on Montsalvat | Luke Morgan

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