Afterstorm: Gardens, Art And Conflict |

ISBN 978-0-6485474-5-7
144 pages | Softcover | B&W and colour images 
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Editors: Charles Green and Jon Cattapan
Authors: Gary P. Anderson, Lisa Beaven, Kate Daw, Wulan Dirgantoro, Richard J. Frankland, Paul Gough, Charles Green, Tessa Laird, Rebecca Mayo, Chris McAuliffe, Kit Messham-Muir, Jennifer Milam, Micaela Sahhar, Judy Watson

Gardens have offered refuge as places of rehabilitation and healing. The plants growing within have figured as talismans of home, as medicines and, now, as harbingers of conflict-driven climate change. AFTERSTORM: Turbulence, Gardens, Conflict, December 2019, which was hosted by the Royal Botanic Barden in their historic Herbarium auditorium and associated with a major exhibition titled Turbulence, Conflict and the Garden of Remediation, of works by Charles Green, Lyndell Brown, Paul Gough and Jon Cattapan, held in Domain House Gallery, which was once the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art.


1-5_ Afterstorm: Gardens, Art and Conflict | Charles Green, Jon Cattapan
7-31_ Remediation | Charles Green
33-42_ Letter to Australia | Richard J. Frankland
43-52_ Interview | Richard J. Frankland, Jon Cattapan
53-61_ Albertine and the Looping of Time | Kate Daw
63-77_ Making Landscape: Climate, Conflict and Technology in the Dutch Republic in the 17th Century | Lisa Beaven
79-90_ Cosmopolitan Afterstorm: American Gardens and the Transatlantic Landscape | Jennifer Milam
91-108_ Gardens of War, Gardens of Healing: the Long March of Dioscorides' De Materia Medica | Gary P. Anderson
109-121_ 'That Dastardly Plot': Gardens as Weapons of War and Peace | Paul Gough
123-140_ Between the Walls: The Return of Post 1989 and the Art of Mladen Miljanović | Kit Messham-Muir
141-151_ Other Edens: Gardens and Conflict in the Science Fiction Imagination | Chris McAuliffe
153-177_ Vertiginous Viriditas: for a Planthroposcene, not a Plantationocene | Tessa Laird
179-193_ Cultivating Art with Care: Responding to Second Modernity | Rebecca Mayo
195-207_ 'Like Planting Flowers in a War Zone': Memory, Conflict and Healing in Southeast Asian Contemporary Art | Wulan Dirgantoro
209-225_ Tom Nicholson's Comparative Monument (Ma'man Allah): Towards a Methodology of Magnification | Micaela Sahhar
227-235_ experimental beds | Judy Watson

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