+ Babysitter Club  The Huxleys, 2020.  edition of 6 unframed. Giclée print . 56 x 84 cm.

Bored, Hysterical, Horny

Bored, Hysterical, Horny | The Huxleys

We are based in Melbourne and have been marooned here for the last 18 months. COVID really wreaked havoc for us and decimated our work prospects. Being isolated and cut off from society and your friends and family makes you feel like you’re against some invisible barrier. Every day your emotional terrain can veer into wild landscapes. One minute you are utterly bored, hysterical, horny, terrified, or just exhausted.  

We decided the best way forward was just to keep busy making more work. Creativity was our saviour. We created a new body of work called Unbalanced, which was a wild response to the strict and controlled situation we found ourselves in. It was utter artistic chaos. And offered us a great sense of freedom and immediacy from our normal work which is often carefully choreographed and staged. It was a completely studio-based project which was like a visual exorcism of all the madness coming at us through the lockdown. 

 + A House Is Still a Home  The Huxleys, 2020. edition of 6 unframed. Giclée print . 56 x 84 cm.

If anything the COVID time enabled us more time to concentrate on our visual art practice as we were no longer able to perform. We were able to finish a body of work several years in the making that we are incredibly proud of. It is called Places of Worship and, after over a year of trying, we were able to have a physical show in a brief non-lockdown window in 2021.  We really appreciated how lucky we were to actually pull it off as it was such a hard time not just for us but for all artists across the country. It’s often hard to stay motivated but we just keep trying to make new work and new elaborate costumes, which are waiting for a date. You could say we are all dressed up with nowhere to go.

 + Moonage Daydream The Huxleys, 2021. Giclée Archival Print. 76x105cm.

 + Melting Moments The Huxleys, 2021. Giclée Archival Print. 76x105cm.

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