Typical Films

| Giles Fielke
 + Loopfilm Dirk de Bruyn, 1980. 16mm, colour, sound.

Typical Films

Typical Films | Giles Fielke

Typical Films presents an anthology of essays and research material that frames a diverse set of films in the collections of the University of Melbourne that are very difficult—if not impossible­­—to see. These films exist as 16mm prints in various parts of the University’s Collections: in the General Collections, the Archives, or the Special Collections.

This collection of writing and resources establishes an historical context and framework to cut across existing genre distinctions such as feature, documentary, and experimental film, which are usually applied to the films in this collection. It provides a rich historical overview of filmmaking in Australia, highlighting key literature, film styles, and conceptual approaches to filmmaking that defy genre yet, it is argued, can be traced to a fundamental ambivalence in the colonial landscape tradition in settler-Australian artistic practice. Typical Films is edited by Giles Fielke.

Typical Films in the Collections of the University of Melbourne
The Cutting Edge
'A Haze of Visions': Dream Work in Early Australian Avant-Garde Cinema
Direct Action on Things: Harry Hooton and Artist Film in Australia
16mm Prints in the Collections of the University of Melbourne + Reading List

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