Art + Australia #56_1: Outside |

ISSN: 0004-301 X
144 pages | Softcover | B&W and colour images 
RRP $19.99 (inc GST) 
December 2019

Editor: Edward Colless
Authors: Edward Colless, Darren Jorgensen, Robyn Adler, Vincent Le, Leon Marvell, Jack Sargeant, Eva Collins, Jessica Laraine Williams, Wes Hill, Anthony White, Grace McQuilten, Anna Parlane, Charles Green, Gareth Jenkins, Nancy Mauro-Flude, Louis Mason, Azza Zein, Prudence Gibson, Vladimir Minusk. 

Within the milieu of contemporary art 'the outsider’ is a literal misnomer, a tag deserving of the sort of revision and decolonising that has been so thoroughly performed on ‘the primitive’. ++++++ It’s not hard to script such a sales pitch for this takeover of the outsider’s relatively uncultivated extraterritoriality. ++++++ Do we not already have a perfectly good term to account for the rich diversity of this kind of art without resorting to the offensive, derogatory, repressive or exclusionist anthropological and normative psychiatric indictment of so-called ‘outsider’ status? ++++++ Could that ideologically neutral but inclusive label, ready to be stamped on the outsider’s papers, simply be ‘contemporary art’? ++++++ Under judiciously cosmopolitan critical and responsible curatorial policies, the outsider would be a strategic and attractive émigré from the outlands or the border zones of culture, accommodated and assimilated into the contemporary art portfolio as productive stock, and a worthy citizen of the contemporary world. ++++++ Within this perspective there indeed will be no restricted ‘outsider’ status, no one unwelcome, alien, estranged, exiled or reclusive.... —Outer Limits, Edward Colless


10-15_ Outer Limits | Edward Colless
24-31_ Magical Appropriations: Barry William Hale after Imants Tillers | Darren Jorgensen
34-41_ Killing Daddy in the Great Outdoors | Robyn Adler
44-49_ Skinned Alive: The Furnomenology of Spirit | Vincent Le
50-59_ Within a Forest Dark: Some Howlings for the Loup-garou + Divine Outsider | Leon Marvell, Jack Sargeant 
60-63_ Vali & Gianni | Eva Collins
66-69_ Anti-hotel: A Folly in Five Tropes | Jessica Laraine Williams
72-79_ The Outlier Problem | Wes Hill
80-95_ Outsider Art in Australia: Artists’ Voices Versus Art-world Mythologies | Anthony White, Grace McQuilten, Anna Parlane, Charles Green
96-105_ Buried Truth | Gareth Jenkins
106-111_ Vessels of Infinite Veracity: Command-line Incantations | Nancy Mauro-Flude
113-125_ The Cruciform Engines | Louis Mason
127-133_ Coinage | Azza Zein
134-137_ The Crones Will Take Back the Night | Prudence Gibson
140-141_ Host 140, Ostranenie | Prudence Gibson

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