Art+Australia #56_1: Outside | Art+Australia

Editor: Edward Colless
137 pages | Softcover | B&W and colour images 
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Within the milieu of contemporary art 'the outsider’ is a literal misnomer, a tag deserving of the sort of revision and decolonising that has been so thoroughly performed on ‘the primitive’. ++++++ It’s not hard to script such a sales pitch for this takeover of the outsider’s relatively uncultivated extraterritoriality. ++++++ Do we not already have a perfectly good term to account for the rich diversity of this kind of art without resorting to the offensive, derogatory, repressive or exclusionist anthropological and normative psychiatric indictment of so-called ‘outsider’ status? ++++++ Could that ideologically neutral but inclusive label, ready to be stamped on the outsider’s papers, simply be ‘contemporary art’? ++++++ Under judiciously cosmopolitan critical and responsible curatorial policies, the outsider would be a strategic and attractive émigré from the outlands or the border zones of culture, accommodated and assimilated into the contemporary art portfolio as productive stock, and a worthy citizen of the contemporary world. ++++++ Within this perspective there indeed will be no restricted ‘outsider’ status, no one unwelcome, alien, estranged, exiled or reclusive. — excerpt from Outer Limits, Edward Colless


10-15 Outer Limits Edward Colless
24-31 Magical Appropriations: Barry William Hale after Imants Tillers Darren Jorgensen
34-41 Killing Daddy in the Great Outdoors Robyn Adler
44-49 Skinned Alive: The Furnomenology of Spirit Vincent Le
50-59 Within a Forest Dark: Some Howlings for the Loup-garou + Divine Outsider Leon Marvell, Jack Sargeant 
60-63 Vali & Gianni Eva Collins
66-69 Anti-hotel: A Folly in Five Tropes [FULL ARTICLE] Jessica Laraine Williams
72-79 The Outlier Problem Wes Hill
80-95 Outsider Art in Australia: Artists’ Voices Versus Art-world Mythologies Anthony White , Grace McQuilten, Anna Parlane, Charles Green
96-105 Buried Truth Gareth Jenkins
106- 111 Vessels of Infinite Veracity: Command-line Incantations Nancy Mauro-Flude
113- 125 The Cruciform Engines Louis Mason
127-133 Coinage Azza Zein
134-137 The Crones Will Take Back the Night Prudence Gibson

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