Editorial Guidelines

Editorial Guidelines

Editorial Guidelines

Duties of the Editors  

Art + Australia operates with editorial independence. All material published undergoes Editorial Review by the editors, whose decisions are solely based on originality, quality and relevance to the journal’s scope. Our editorial process entails rigorous fact-checking.  

While the editorial process is a collaboration between the contributor and editor, Art + Australia will not publish without the contributor’s consent. Both parties must do their utmost to comply with relevant laws, including plagiarism, privacy, contempt of court, the use of confidential information and defamation. Quotes and images will only be modified or restricted to remove offensive terms, clarify, consolidate or minimise risk of slander. 


Art + Australia and its editors will not disclose any information about submitted papers to anyone other than the corresponding author, editorial advisors and journal staff where necessary.   


While Art + Australia always strives for accuracy, if a mistake is made, we will notify the contributor and correct it promptly, accurately and ungrudgingly. Users will be alerted to the change unless it is a minor grammatical error (a misplaced comma, for example).  

Full retractions will only be considered if the published material is defamatory, in violation of copyright, riddled with inaccuracies or was published in violation of Art + Australia’s Editorial Duties. 

Duties of the Contributors  

By agreeing to publish with Art + Australia, contributors are responsible for the accuracy of information in their articles including citations. They must also ensure that material is not defamatory, guarantee that it is their original work and if relevant, disclose any relevant conflicts of interest.  

From time to time, Art + Australia republishes material that has been published elsewhere. In these cases, the contributor must attain appropriate copyright clearance from the copyright holder in writing prior to republication by Art + Australia.  


When publishing with Art + Australia, plagiarism in any form is unacceptable. This includes paraphrasing and incorrectly or failing to cite sources.  


Should a contributor learn that their work published by Art + Australia contains an error, it is their responsibility to promptly notify Art + Australia and cooperate with the editors to either correct, amend or retract the contribution.   


Complaints can be emailed to Art + Australia (info@artandaustralia.com) where they will first be handled by the Managing Editor. If the complainant is not satisfied, the complaint will be taken to the Editor in Chief.  

Should the complaint still not be resolved, it will then escalate to the Editorial Board who will either come to a united decision or convene an investigation panel. Decisions made by the Editorial Board are final. 

Style Guide 

As an Australian publication, Art + Australia adheres to British/Australian spelling conventions. Since our scope extends to experimental and artist-led research, we invite submissions that sit outside the standard conventions for academic articles.  


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